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Rate Chart (base price for a move within the Austin area)

Vertical Pianos

Grand Pianos


up to 47" (tall)



(fits on a 6 foot board)


(fits on a 7 foot board)


(fits on an 8 foot board)


(fits on a 9 foot board)

Square Grands

Pedestal Grands

Spinet Organs

Console Organs







$210 to $395

$210 to $395


$185 to $310

On-site Moves

In-House: Room - Room


Out and Back


Vertical Piano


x 2 if out and back


Grand Piano


x 2 if out and back


Piano Storage

$60 / month

Additional Charges

Player pianos + $25

Piano Type/Size

Price / Stair

One Story Move

(to or from 2nd floor)

Turn or Landing in Stairs

vertical piano under 48" tall

$5 per stair



vertical piano over 48" tall

$5 per stair



5' grand pianos

$5 per stair



6' grand pianos

$10 per stair



7' grand pianos

$15 per stair



9' grand pianos

$20 per stair



Out of Town



Extended Local (does not apply to long distance moves)


Georgetown, Buda, Kyle, Hudson Bend, Steiner Ranch, Volente


Lakeway, Jonestown, Lago Vista, Spicewood, Briarcliff

Long Distance (does not apply to extended local moves)

$2.20 per loaded mile

PW Office to Address

Mileage Subtotal Estimates:


Austin - Dallas

Austin - Houston

About Our Pricing
We do not charge for work not done, and we prefer to work as little as possible.   It's part of our philosophy "work smarter, not harder."  If there are stairs at a location that can be avoided, we'll avoid them if it makes the job easier.   With that being said, keep in mind that we're also not going to take a piano half way around the block to avoid stairs (unless it's easier of course.)

We are most likely not the lowest priced piano movers in Austin, and that's not our goal.   Piano Wrangler is definitely the best in Austin.   Other movers that consider a move impossible will refer customers to Piano Wrangler to get the job done.

Moves that are considered "impossible" or that require special Piano Wrangler or other equipment (stair-jockey, cranes, genie lifts, etc) start in the $500 range.   The extra costs stem from the extra men, equipment, time, expertise, and risks involved.   We can place any piano anywhere, but at some point it becomes cost prohibitive.

If we choose to use special Piano Wrangler equipment to make a particular move easier when it's not required to make it happen, we'll not charge you any extra.   Easier is safer, and safety for people, your instrument, and our surroundings is our top priority.

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